Approximately a year ago I completed the ISET course with Joy Nicholson.  I found the course material and practical experiences profound and touching.  Having undertaken this course has given me a deep understanding of who I am, where I’ve come from and which path in life I wish to pursue – to assist people with their healing process of mind, body and spirit as ISET has assisted me.

Joy is an excellent facilitator and the course is a wonderful journey to undertake towards self development. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to undertake this journey with Joy J

Jodie Van Tienen


How can I convey the allure of such an engaging and efficient technique – one that sidesteps the conscious brain via guided meditations to the root of the discomfort in our lives – deep negative emotions and repetitive debilitating choices…. one that helps us to find our own individual answers to our own problems? I was deeply touched by this technique. You may be too.

Chris Craven


I had the wonderful experience of enrolling in Joy’s ISET program. She is an amazing teacher and this course takes you on an incredible journey of self discovery and learning. This is life changing.

Michele Higgins


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

Our ‘wounds’, accumulated over this and many other lifetimes, guide us unerringly away from discovering our true selves, but the wounds have an inbuilt weakness. ISET provides the key to accessing their vulnerability, allowing us to recognize, acknowledge and modify even deeply held belief systems, but it does so with the lightest of touches. Like all great healing modalities, the ISET techniques embody respect, choice and gentleness to achieve amazing shifts in attitudes, small and large.

Whilst undertaking the ISET Methodology course, I have witnessed first hand the profound and lasting changes that can result in a ‘client’ when the deceptively simple yet thoughtful ISET processes are used during deep relaxation.

ISET may not be for everyone, but if you take the challenge, and I recommend you do, you will not be disappointed.

Robyn Carney


To know yourself better, to understand and experience our ability to change our future and to feel with certainty the immense love and support that is available to each and everyone of us is a rare treat.

This was my experience of the ISET course and one which I could not recommend highly enough to those who are ready to hear and accept deep truth.

Robyn Carney